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Although there is no official dress code for clay shoots, it’s important that you are comfortable in order to shoot your best.

For clay shooting, there’s no official etiquette or dress code, which can make deciding what to wear even more difficult. Non-restrictive clothes which permit a full range of movement are essential for all kinds of shooting and smart, functional clothes will ensure that you look and feel the part. Most importantly, whatever you decide to wear, make sure you have dressed according to the weather.

Whether you are a regular at clay shoots or if you are planning your first clay shooting lesson, you’ll find our below advice useful.

Ear protection

For your own safety, a good set of ear defenders should be at the top of your list when kitting yourself out for clay shooting – particularly as more shots are likely to be fired during a clay shoot than compared to a game shoot.

For a quality variety of ear plugs and defenders – including some for children – visit the shooting section of our website.

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Eye protection

As you may know, eye protection is often mandatory at registered shoots for those shooting or in the company of shooters. Aside from protecting your eyes from stray pieces of clay and lead, wearing eye protection can also be an additional safeguard should your gun malfunction. Many of the best shooting glasses offer interchangeable lenses which help to maximise your performance in different lighting conditions.

To get your own eye protection for clay shooting, ArdMoor’s website is home to a wide selection.

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Shooting vest

A durable shooting vest is a worthwhile investment and an important piece of kit for comfortable gun fit and mount. Most gun vests have an area of padding or suede on the shoulder area where the gun will sit. This provides added protection between the gun butt and body, helping to minimise the recoil from the gun. Shooting vests are also designed to store gun cartridges, so your shotgun can be reloaded quickly and easily.

We have a fantastic range of shooting vests, gilets and waistcoats – if you need any help choosing one, get in touch with our expert team.

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Shooting jacket

If you want to be able to continue your shoot even if the weather turns nasty then a warm and waterproof shooting jacket should be included in your kit for the day. Shooting jackets have been designed to be protective while being lightweight and unrestrictive so you can enjoy your day, regardless of the weather.

We have a vast collection of shooting jackets on our website for men, women and children, including some which have been specifically designed for clay shooting.

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Footwear for clay shooting

Cold, wet feet can ruin a great day of shooting, so it’s vital to make sure your feet are well looked after when planning for a day outdoors. During a day of shooting you’ll also be walking on a variety of terrains; comfortable footwear with thick soles will ensure that you can fully enjoy your clay shoot.

We’d recommend a breathable boot made from a waterproof fabric such as Gore-tex, which will keep your feet at an optimum temperature in all weathers. You can find a wide range of footwear suitable for clay shooting on our website.

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Clay shooting hat

Aside from helping to keep you warm on a chilly day, a quality shooting hat should have a stiff peak to help protect your head and face from stray clay fragments.

We offer a variety of shooting headwear to suit all tastes, including traditional tweed caps.

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Shooting gloves

It’s a good idea to invest in a pair of shooting gloves which protect your fingers from the elements without adding bulk or reducing finger sensitivity. They will also protect your hands from the heat of your barrels which, when clay shooting, can get to the point where you will otherwise burn them.

Browse our selection of quality shooting gloves which include leather gloves, fingerless gloves and fleece gloves.

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First time clay pigeon shooting? Our experts have prepared some more useful tips & advice which you can find below.

If you need further assistance with choosing kit for any country sport, please do get in touch with a member of our expert team and we’ll be delighted to assist you!

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