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Working from home? Warm the body, not the home this winter

As more and more people are working from home nowadays, heating bills are rising as more of us try and stay warm indoors as the temperatures drop outdoors.

One way to stay warmer is clothing. Clever use of baselayers, midlayers, scarves and hats. Although guaranteed to help keep you warmer, too many layers can feel bulky and it takes time to add and remove layers as your temperature changes.

However, technology advances in the outdoor clothing industry mean you don’t need half a dozen layers to keep warm without the heating going at full tilt.

Take the heated jacket and other electronically-controlled ‘Heat’ products from outdoor clothing experts Deerhunter, Harkila and Seeland. These three class-leading hunting and shooting brands know a thing or two about how to keep warm in the harshest of environments and conditions.

Money Saving

And money expert Martin Lewis’s has costed the use of a heated gilet at less than 1p per hour of use, so financially, it could make sense to opt for one of the heated gilets or jackets.

Harkila Heat and Clim8 ranges include heated coats, gilets, baselayers, gloves and accessories that are guaranteed to take the chill out of any winter’s day, whether you are working from home or out in the elements.

Try the Harkila Heat Jacket for instant warmth in a, extremely lightweight and bulk-free jacket, powered by a rechargeable powerbank (bought separately).

Deerhunter has a full range of heated products, including electric Long Johns, Gilets, Jackets and Undershirts, all powered by any powerbank.

The Deerhunter Heat Inner Waistcoat is a slim, bulk-free gilet, ideal for those working from home and is quick and easy to operate, meaning you’re not wasting valuable work time on finding suitable layers to keep you warm.

Seeland has entered the Heated Clothing market with a couple of highly-effective garments. The Seeland Heat Waistcoat or Heat Jacket will provide hours of warmth from one charge of a powerbank, enough to get you through plenty of Zoom calls without shivering or reaching for the thermostat. The coat makes the perfect heated work jacket for those working through the winter.

Recharge your batteries

All of the ‘Heat’ products are powered by a standard 5,000 mAh or 10,000mAh that can be quickly charged and easily attached to your jacket, gilet or accessory for instant warmth.


Before you cut back on your heating, make sure it’s not going to impact on your health. For older people, it’s important to consult your GP for advice.

Explore our Heated range to find the best option for you.

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