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With any new technology, it's always advisable to check the instructions before use.

Here's a quick guide from Deerhunter on how to use the Deerhunter Heat range and how to get the most out of the element and rechargeable powerbank.


Firstly, charge the powerbank by using the USB / micro USB cable which is included with the powerbank. The four small LED lights on the powerbank indicates the status of the charging process. As soon as ALL the LED lights are on, unplug the charger and the powerbank is now ready for use.

How to use your new Heat product

Find the USB port in the lower inner pocket and attach the powerbank to the cable. Turn on the powerbank by pressing the ON/OFF button on the side. Once the powerbank is activated, place it in the lower inner pocket of the jacket or gilet.

For the Heat function, press and hold the power button inside the chest pocket until it lights up. Then choose the temperature you require: Red light - high temperature 55°C; Green – medium temperature 45°C Blue – low temperature 38°C

To turn off the heat function press and hold the power button inside the chest pocket for three seconds or until the light turn off. The powerbank will then turn off automatically after about a minute. To turn the Heat functions off via the powerbank, hold down the on/off button for at least 10 seconds.

Watch this short video from Deerhunter to see how to attach your powerbank to your Deerhunter heated waistcoat, jacket, trousers or accessories.

Tips for a longer battery life

Always charge your powerbank until it is fully charged. Avoid overcharging your power bank as this can cause the battery life to decrease, shortening the amount of time the powerbank will power your Deerhunter product. Disconnect and remove the powerbank before storing for long periods (eg. over the summer months). All the components are securely tested and are CE and RoHS approved.

Washing & Care Instructions

Always remove the powerbank when washing your Deerhunter Heated Jacket, Gilet or Trousers. Ensure the safety stopper on the USB cable is in place during washing to protect it.

  • Machine wash on a gentle programme of no more than 40°C
  • Do Not use softener
  • Do Not dry clean
  • Do Not iron
  • Tumble dry at low temperature with a few tennis balls.

For exceptional weather protection and Scandinavian knowhow, explore the Deerhunter Range for outstanding outdoor clothing and accessories.

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