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Although changing tastes may have altered the size, shape and fit of your favourite trousers over the years, Hoggs of Fife has done its best to make sure all customers are catered for.

The modern market demands a more fashionable fitted trouser to keep up with the trendy skinny-legged youngsters. However, a slimmer fit is no good for the outdoorsman, farmer, beater or those who enjoy a good lunch now and again.

The Hoggs of Fife range includes modern jean-cut moleskins, stretch technical moleskins and more traditional, roomier moleskin and cord trousers, plus stretch chinos and denim jeans.

Traditional tastes

For the traditionalist, the Hoggs of Fife Monarch II Moleskin Trousers are the perfect choice. A comfort fit with plenty of room around the thighs and less tapered than other styles. Available in waist sizes 30”-48” and in leg lengths 29” to 35”.  It is worth noting that the Hoggs of Fife Monarch II Moleskin Trousers are slightly more tapered than the original Hoggs of Fife Monarch Moleskin Trousers but still have good thigh width.

The Callander Heavyweight Cord Trousers are also a traditional fit and, like the Monarch II Moleskins, are very close to the original Monarch fit. These come in 32” to 46” waist with 29”, 31 and 33” leg.

Both of these are a robust fabric and perfect for country sports and day-to-day wear.

For slightly smarter wear, the Beauly Stretch Chino is another comfort fit trouser with 33cm between the bottom of the crotch and the edge of the thigh. This tapers down to a generous 21cm at the hem.

For working outdoors, the Bushwhacker Trousers with stretch are a straight leg fit, with all the functionality and storage needed for farming, gardening or simply keeping warm outdoors.

Modern classics

The Carrick Techincal Stretch Moleskin Trousers and Cairnie Stretch Cord Trouser are slightly slimmer with the Carrick Technical Stretch Moleskin Jeans featuring a more tapered shape, starting with a crotch-to-thigh edge measurement of 33cm and ending with a leg end measuring 19cm (hem to hem).

Although slightly different widths, shapes and sizes, the above do have one thing in common. All are exceptional country trousers, ideal for country sports, work and smart enough for a trip to the pub at the end of the day.

When buying clothing online, it's sensible to get as much accurate information as possible when it comes to sizes, especially when buying from a different country.

Expert view

ArdMoor customer Ben Ellery, from Australia, has looked into the variety of the Hoggs trousers in some detail. Here's what he has to say about the items he has bought:

"As for the various items I received, I’m happy with all of them. All fit quite well, with some stand outs for me. To my surprise, I like the cut of the Carrick moleskin trousers best, and the overall fit of these seems to work particularly well for me.

"Less tapering while still maintaining the fit through the thigh (roomy without bagginess) would be perfect for my taste, but the tapering isn’t all that much more than for the Monarch II trouser.

"The Callander cords are also surprisingly similar in cut. All trouser styles I purchased are within a range of what I would consider moderately tapered, with some room through the thigh, and the differences are small enough such that to discriminate between the styles comes close to splitting hairs.

"So that means the choice comes down to fabric preference and colours. The moleskin used for the Monarch II trousers is definitely robust, and my favourite among the styles I chose. It should be up to a fair beating before falling prey to excessive wear.

"The moleskin for the Carrick trousers is clearly not as hefty, but far from flimsy, and the beauty of the lighter fabric is that it looks a bit more dressed up. So I imagine my navy Carrick trousers will pull up well for an evening out, while the Monarch II trousers make for a more of a daily beater that will be fine on occasions where there’s no time or inclination to change clothes.

"I noticed that there was some variability between the rise for the different trousers. The rise is going to work a bit differently depending on the wearer’s proportions, but all seem toward the lower boundary of a mid-rise for me. The front rise is certainly adequate, but for the pair of Monarch II trousers I received, some additional rise at the back would be preferable.

"One thing I favour as a feature of the Monarch II and Callander styles is that they both have six belt loops in contrast to the Carrick’s 5 belt loops. I think trousers and belt work together better when there are two loops either side of the centre back seam, rather than just a single loop at the centre."

But, whatever the shape or style you prefer, the Hoggs of Fife Trousers collection has a great range of durable, affordable legwear for any time of the year.



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