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Decades of Brilliant Boots & Country Classics

This year sees the 135th anniversary of one of Scotland’s most enduring companies.

The company now supplies country, work, farming and shooting clothing and footwear around the globe, but its beginnings were a lot more humble and very local to the Fife area.

Andrew T Hogg, founder of Hoggs of Fife

Hoggs founder, Andrew T Hogg

In 1888, a 28-year-old Andrew T Hogg opened the doors to his cobblers workshop in the village of Strathmiglo, Fife, selling his handmade men’s and women’s boots to the local country workers.

It wasn’t long before this talented shoe and bootmaker had built an excellent reputation amongst the farmer workers and fieldsportsmen of Fife for the quality, value and durability of his products.

Wider markets

It was about this time that the Forth Bridge opened and a wider market was to open up for the ‘Fife Boots’ made by AT Hogg.

At the start of the First World War, Andrew’s skills as a cobbler were in much demand and he started supplying boots for the soldiers. His boots performed extremely well in the horrendous conditions of the trenches and helped spread the reputation of the Fife brand.

Later in the 20th century, as the whole world was changing, Hoggs of Fife took advantage of the new fabric technologies that were available and expanded its range to include clothing and accessories to its already expanding footwear range.


All through its history, Hoggs of Fife has been family owned and run and is still looking to new and exciting technologies to expand and improve its range. Through the years, the company has kept an eye on costs enabling the company to offer outstanding footwear and clothing at affordable prices.

And although competing in a global marketplace, Hoggs of Fife still manufactures parts of its tweed and waxed ranges, as well as selected footwear, in the UK, using time-honoured techniques that have serve this trusted Scottish brand throughout the decades.

Modern company

Today, and based in Cupar, Fife, the Hoggs of Fife range comes in three distinct categories – Field Pro, a technical fieldsports collection; Country Lifestyle and the Hoggs Professional Technical Farming and Workwear range.

The Field Pro range is designed and made specifically for standing up to anything the British weather can throw at you while out for hours at a time whilst shooting, stalking, beating or picking up. Try the Culloden Waterproof Jacket and Trousers, part of the Field Pro range, for an outstanding lightweight shooting shoot.

The Country Lifestyle Collection features clothing and footwear that is just as technically engineered as the Field Pro range, but with a strong sense of country style. Whatever your country pursuits, the Country Lifestyle range will keep you warm, comfortable and looking good in the process. The Stewarton Canvas Coat and the Struther Long Length Riding Coat are great examples of classic country style from the Country Lifestyle Collection.

The Hoggs of Fife Professional Range has its roots in that small cobblers shop 135 years ago. The aim with this collection is to provide durable and comfortable clothing and footwear for those working outdoors, whether on a farm or a building site. Its Professional Range is designed to give optimal comfort and performance to those working in tough environments throughout the seasons. Explore the Hoggs Granite range for the ultimate farming and workwear collection.

View the whole Hoggs of Fife collection and see for yourself why this Scottish country brand is still at the top of its game after 135 years.

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