Harkila Orton Packable Jacket Review

When friends go shooting together, many subjects are discussed over the day. The subjects range from the condition of the birds, the shooting, the environment we are in and yes, of course Brexit and the election.

But one thing that always crop up is the weather – on a rainy day our kit is always a hot subject. Who has got a rain coat that is actually waterproof? Much consternation is expressed on the subject as people have spent fortunes on coats that they still get wet in.

Two points are worth saying: Firstly, if you want a TOTALLY waterproof coat that you can wash and use for years and years and years, you have to sacrifice the “breathability” and get something that is basically plastic, but when you walk a tough walk as I do in the hills with my pointers (or hill stalking), you will sweat inside one of these.

Secondly, if you choose a breathable, waterproof jacket, there is only so much it can take and if you carry a gun/rifle over your shoulder or a backpack, the heavy wear on these places means that the water will eventually get pressed through the fabric. These super breathable jackets won’t last years and years of wear and washing, but they are worth it if you do a lot of walking.

So a long-lasting, reliable & breathable jacket has its price and this one is from Harkila is definitely worth it. Initially I wanted a rain jacket that I could pack in my backpack in case of a Scottish shower, so I got the Orton Packable Lady Jacket from Harkila.

OK, it is really not that packable in my opinion as I would only have space for a couple of snipe or a grouse in that backpack if I also pack the Harkila, BUT I use it as the jacket of choice and on a rainy day (or just a cold, windy day) in the field it is fantastic.

I put it to the test recently when we had two days’ mixed shooting over the pointers in the Highlands. Our first day in the pouring rain:

Harkila Orton Packable Jacket Review - Waterproof

It rained the entire first day, but I felt super cosy and dry inside my very lightweight Harkila.

As the discussions inevitably centred around one’s waterproof jackets, I could honestly say that I was dry and very comfortable. I walked all day and I didn’t get clammy. The light weight and softness of this jacket made it so pleasant to wear. It does get wet on the outside instead of the rain “beading off”, but because the fabric is so light weight, the jacket doesn’t become heavy.

The next day was all dry and I was still extremely comfortable in my waterproof jacket:

Harkila Orton Packable Jacket Review - Breathability

I was really impressed with this outfit and it also has lots of pockets for hat, gloves, cartridges and your phone etc.

A brilliant piece of kit.

The Harkila Orton Packable Jacket is available at £199.00 from ArdMoor in ladies’ and men’s versions.

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Passionate about ecology and the great Scottish outdoors, Luise is ArdMoor’s ethical hunting expert and the founder & MD of Tuffies – a unique dog bed making business based in Aberdeenshire.

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