How to measure your hand for gloves

From thick winter mittens to lightweight fingerless handwarmers, a well-fitted glove can make all the difference to your day. Learn how to measure your hand for gloves with our quick & easy guide.

Gloves are often sold with a measurement in inches or centimetres. This is simply the circumference around your knuckles. Gloves may also be listed as a size such as ‘Size 9’, etc – the number here is the inch measurement, so a Size 9 is a 9-inch glove.

Find your size by wrapping a tape measure around the knuckles of your dominant hand. As your dominant hand’s muscles are used more it may be slightly larger than the other hand. This is important, as gloves that are too small will restrict bloodflow. This will then make them feel cold, which defeats the purpose of having gloves in the first place.

If you find yourself between sizes, it’s best to go up for the same reason – better to have a little breathing room than to be too restricted.

Most of the brands we stock give their glove sizes in inches, however some do them in centimetre measurements instead. The only difference is which side of the tape to read from!

Now that you know how to measure your hand for gloves, check out our selection and find your proverbial fit.

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