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Pack a mac

Getting caught in the rain is no fun… unless you’ve a trick up your sleeve, or a mac in a pack.

Long gone are the days when a single-layer waterproof meant a pungent, leaky oilskin coat and sou-wester that took up half the boot space of your dad’s Ford Granada.

These days you can buy stylish, light and (most importantly) waterproof jackets that can fit in a shopping bag, rucksack or even a pocket.

Living in Britain, where the weather can change in a heartbeat and then back again, having easy access to a lightweight packable waterproof jacket is a blessing. But you don’t have to look like a soggy child in a cagoule on a school trip to the zoo anymore.

At ArdMoor, we have lightweight and packable jackets in cool styles and modern fabrics.

Many use the latest technologies you would only expect on high-end outerwear, such as Gore-Tex, Primaloft and Polartec. But many affordable jackets nowadays take advantage of these amazing clothing technologies.

A jacket that makes use of a Gore-Tex membrane and Primaloft synthetic insulation is pretty much guaranteed to be waterproof, warm and breathable.

And because of the high-tech materials used, it will also be lightweight and thin. Roll it up and stow it away easily without taking up half of the boot space.

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For full-weather protection, trousers are essential. Many jackets have matching trousers in the same range that are equally lightweight, waterproof and breathable.

However, if a jacket doesn’t have the exact match in its range, you’re sure to find something to suit from the options available.

Whatever brand or style you choose from the ArdMoor website, they will be lightweight, easily pack-able and will certainly help you avoid the annoyance of a damp trouser leg.

Considering the unpredictability of the British weather, it’s worth keeping a jacket and trouser set in your car or close at hand for when the heavens open and going indoors just isn’t an option.

Whether it’s a quick trip to the high street or a full day in the countryside, keep your waterproofs close by. Like a good Scout, be prepared with a lightweight waterproof jacket and trousers – don’t let the weather spoil your day.

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