Gaiters - Features & Types

Gaiters are the ideal accessory to protect your boots and lower legs from the undergrowth thorns mud and snow from entering the top of the boot for rough shooting.

When walking or shooting over particularly uneven difficult terrain, it is important to wear a good quality pair of supportive & waterproof walking boots, rather than wellies, to support & protect your ankles. A good, durable pair of gaiters will then ensure total protection from scratches, ticks and wet harsh undergrowth.

To help you decide which gaiters are perfect for you, here’s a quick look at the features & benefits to look for…

There are many different types of gaiter made from a variety of durable, reinforced cloths or leathers, with different crafted-in technologies and in high or low cut styles. Almost all are designed with elasticated tops to ensure a snug, comfortable fit to your leg, which can be worn over trousers or on to bare legs with shorts.

For total protection when walking through tall grass or undergrowth, a high-cut gaiter is particularly ideal. Low-cut gaiters sacrifice some protection in return for better packability and usually a cost saving, but are still perfectly adequate for many terrains or for keeping dew from seeping through non-waterproof boots/shoes.

A high degree of waterproofing is key, so look for gaiters which include an internal membrane.

Durability is another key aspect, particularly if you will be taking on rough ground with rocks & thorns that can quickly cause damage, so keep an eye out for reinforced materials such as Cordura. While this can push up the price of the gaiter, it will help to protect your investment – and you.

For shooting, stalking or wildlife photography, make sure you choose a pair of gaiters which have a noiseless outer material to keep your stride silent.

Another consideration is accessibility, offering the ability to quickly & easily take gaiters of & off. This can vary from gaiters with full-length zips, poppers or Velcro that mean the gaiter wraps around your leg for total convenience, to part-opening gaiters that open up to allow your boot to pass through relatively easily to – in the extreme – non-opening gaiters that will need you to be bootless to get them on & off.

At ArdMoor we sell a good variety of well-fitted, strong gaiters which have been specifically designed to meet the needs of people who spend their lives outdoors in challenging spaces. They range in price but, in our experience, it is worth investing in a good quality pair to ensure you the best possible protection for your feet.

As we know: happy feet = happy day.

Most gaiters feature the following…

  • A top closure designed to keep gravel, dirt & twigs from falling into your gaiter
  • A closure mechanism (usually zip or Velcro, sometimes poppers or elastic) to seal your leg comfortably
  • An adjustable in-step strap which wraps under the bottom of your boot to keep the gaiters firmly in place
  • Usually, but not always, a lace-strap that hooks on to the laces on the top of your boot for extra security
  • Elastication around the ankle to keep the gaiter snug around your boot

How to wear your gaiters

  • Most gaiters have a left & right leg, so check you’ve got these the right way around to keep any buckles outside of your stride
  • Open up the gaiter by undoing any zips/Velcro/etc
  • Step into the gaiter, wrapping the in-step strap under the sole of your boot
  • Secure the lace hook, if your gaiters have them, to the laces on the top of your boot
  • Adjust the straps and any top & bottom adjustments to ensure a snug, comfortable fit

ArdMoor’s top recommended gaiters

Harkila Moose Hunter 2.0 Gaiters

Harkila Moose Hunter 2.0 Silent Gaiters

High performance shooting gaiter
Heavyweight DWR canvas outer
Noiseless Gore-Tex membrane

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Laksen Trailtracker Gaiters W.CTX

Laksen Trailtracker Gaiters W.CTX

Waterproof CTX membrane
Full-length zip with covered flap
Elasticated ankle for secure, comfy fit

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Bisley Leather Gaiters

Bisley Leather Gaiters

Leather with added waterproof membrane for total protection
Popper with drawsting for a perfect fit
Durable rubber boot strap

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Baleno Indiana Gaiters

Baleno Indiana Gaiters

Stretchable waterproof Flexothane
Tough metal boot thread
Zip closure with elasticated drawstring

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If you would like any more information about any of our gaiters, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who will be delighted to help.

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