GWCT Woodcock Watch - March Update

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) run a pioneering project which follows the progress of the woodcock migration via satellite tags.

As this is the first time such a project has been undertaken, the ArdMoor team have been closely following its progress.

The Return of Remy

Following our February update we were pleased to see more positive news with the return of Remy – whose last transmission was back in October from Latvia. After five months of silence, Remy’s tag transmitted a signal from Scotland, very close to her original tagging location in the Highlands.

Our previous update featured a similar scenario from Knepp, and we attributed the long spells of no data to lack of sunlight for the solar-powered tags during the winter months. Now that the majority of the birds have completed their migration and with spring fast approaching, we should see more data being transmitted as their tags receive more light and become fully charged.

If Remy’s battery stays fully charged, the data provided by the GWCT should show her third spring migration back to Latvia.

Help to continue the Woodcock Watch Project

The woodcock watch initiative has been ongoing since 2012, and has revealed some interesting findings in relation to migration patterns and breeding site loyalty. If you want to help the GWCT to continue their work, then please find out more about sponsoring a woodcock.

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