What to wear on your winter walks

What to wear to keep warm on winter lockdown walks

As we enter our third lockdown, and with temperatures in single (and sometimes negative) figures, the option of throwing on a T-shirt and shorts and just hanging around the park for an hour, as many did in the first lockdown, is no longer an option.

If you want to increase your Vitamin D levels, improve your cardio or see another human being, going for a walk is great option. If you are lucky enough to live in or very near the countryside, then you’ll have a whole host of walks from which to take your pick.

However, if the countryside is just too far to travel to during lockdown, you may have to search a little harder to sample the great outdoors. There are great urban walking routes available online. Just search for ‘walks near me’ and you’ll find plenty of options.

Either way, you’ll need to be dressed for the weather and ArdMoor has everything you need for a chill-free walk this winter.

All about the Base

Firstly, think about base layers. These can mean the difference between enjoying a long walk in the countryside and giving up and heading for home at the first sniff of a minus temperature. Click here for Baselayers

Warm toes

Socks are one of the most important items to give consideration to. Cold feet will inhibit any cold weather expedition and leave you wishing for the comfort of your armchair and missing out on the wonders the great outdoors has to offer. Click here for Socks

Dry feet

Another consideration for your feet is boots. A good pair of insulated boots can keep your toes toasty all day long. A good-fitting insulated welly or walking boot will do a great job of keeping your feet warm and dry, even on the filthiest of days. Look for waterproof membranes with high levels of breathability when choosing boots for winter walks. Click here for Boots

Glove love

Fingers don’t like the cold and don’t work properly when put to work trying to operate smart phones, fiddley zips or open sweet wrappers. Warm gloves with ‘smart’ fingers will help you navigate maps on your phone while keeping your hands and fingers toasty warm. If snow is to feature heavily on your winter walk, then a good pair of waterproof gloves is essential. As well as keeping your hands perfectly warm and dry, waterproof gloves make the best snowballs! Click here for Gloves

Layer up

A good mid-layer, such as a fleece jacket or padded gilet, can be your best friend on chilly days. Employ a good layering system and you’ll never be too hot or too cold, meaning you’ll enjoy your outdoor activity a lot more. Click here for Fleeces Click here for Gilets

Top coat

For exceptional cold-weather protection, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on a professional Artic expedition-style coat. Many of the jackets we have at ArdMoor are designed for all-day protection against cold, wet and windy conditions. Made to withstand the foulest of weathers, these jackets are specifically designed with waterproof membranes, taped seams, storm flaps and other features that allow the wearer to stay outdoors longer enjoying the pursuits they love. Click here for Winter Coats and Jackets

Waterproof trousers

As for trousers, if you are spending your day on your feet and don’t expect to be rolling around in the snow or scrambling through hedges, then a decent pair of outdoor trousers over your base layer long Johns should suffice. However, if you’re looking to take to the hills for a bit of sledging with the kids, then a pair of ski trousers would be ideal. Lighter weight waterproof trousers and overtrousers are also available that will help keep you dryer for longer making for a much more enjoyable day. Click here for Trousers

Keeping kids warm

When choosing your winter walking wardrobe, don’t forget the kids. A fleece gilet or waterproof trousers can make a world of difference when out in the snow or walking frosty country paths. Neoprene insulated wellies for kids are great for keeping toes warm and preventing your young ones from wating to go home early. Click here for Kids

Fill your back pack

For a successful day out with kids, every parent knows that food, drink and distraction are all that is required for a relatively pain-free day out. A small pair of binoculars is a great way of keeping the kids entertained and helping them connect with nature and see animals, birds, buildings and other objects they may not normally see. Click here for Binoculars

Head and hand torches are a great way to explore the wilds when out early or late in the day. They are also essential for making your way back home safely if happen to venture out further and later than you planned. Click here for Torches and Headlamps

A great to keep warm when out on winter walks is with a nice hot drink. A vacuum flask is a brilliant addition to any winter walk back pack and will keep kids and adults alike happy and warm for hours. Click here for Winter Accessories