What to wear for a nighttime walk

What you need for a lockdown nighttime walk

The days may be lengthening, but long dark nights are with us for some time yet. And with many of us still under strict Covid-19 Lockdown restrictions, getting out to enjoy some fresh air is much more of an effort during these long winter nights than in the previous summer when every man, woman, child and dog were enjoying the balmy nights in an attempt to exercise their legs and mental health.

Both of these elements – body and mind – are crucially important during these long, cold days and nights. Make the most of the WHOLE day and head out for a brisk walk at night to blow away the cobwebs after a day working from home in the spare bedroom or home schooling at the kitchen table, but make sure you are kitted out appropriately for your environment and the weather.

Be seen

Make it easy for drivers, cyclists and other road users to see you by wearing Hi-Viz clothing. High-visibility clothing, such as vests, dog collars and coats is especially important if walking on country roads and lanes or where there are no pavements. The earlier you are seen, the earlier a motorist has to react.

Light the way

Using a torch or headlamp will make walks in unlit parkland or down country lanes a lot safer. Rocks and tree roots can be spotted early and avoided, plus other walkers, cyclists and motorists can see you, too. Click here for Flashlights and Headlamps

Stay warm

After a bright, sunny winter’s day, it’s easy to assume the evening could be mild and may even feel quite pleasant for a short while. But when the night sky clears itself of any clouds, temperatures can plummet leaving any unprepared walker extremely vulnerable to the elements. Layer up before you leave the house and make sure you have extra layers with you should the temperature drop sharply. If it’s looking exceptionally cold, opt for some well-made thermals. A good base layer is a must to enjoy the outdoors during a harsh winter. Click here for Men’s Fleeces and Women’s Fleeces

Fingers, toes and ears

If the temperature is in the low single figures and heading towards the minus end of the thermometer, make sure you have gloves and a hat with you. Look for gloves with ‘smart’ fingers so you can operate your phone without taking your gloves off. Also, socks can make a massive difference when out walking at night and can provide some much-needed warmth throughout the duration of your walk. Click here for Headwear and Gloves

Take the heat with you

There are many technologies available that help keep warm those who spend their waking lives outdoors. Electrically-heated jackets, gilets and gloves will keep away the chill and a portable handwarmer will help keep your hands and fingers toasty warm for hours. Warm up quickly with a heated waistcoat or jacket by Harkila, ShooterKing or Deerhunter, powered by a portable powerbank stored safely in an inside pocket.

Heart and sole

Keeping fit is hard enough without any injuries, so make sure your footwear is up to the task in hand and won’t cause any trips or slips. Always use a boot or shoe with a good grip when walking at night, especially in winter when the conditions can be sketchy. When vision is restricted, being sure underfoot is imperative so check your grip and upgrade to a pair of decent boots or shoes designed for the job. Click here for Men’s Boots and Women’s Boots


Snacks and drinks will help sustain your pace and make for a successful walk. Take a small thermos or insulated drinks holder to provide instant warmth, comfort and calories while out on your night-time winter walk. Click here for Vacuum Flasks

Black pup illuminations

If you walk a black or dark dog at night, you’ll know just how hard it is to keep an eye on it at all times. Illuminated collars solve that problem at the click of a switch meaning you can relax a bit more and enjoy your night-time walks. Click here for Dog Collars

Stick in the mud

A seat stick not only helps with getting up and down rough terrain, it also offers a handy resting place. Seat sticks are available with spikes for soft ground and rubber ferrules for firmer ground or pavements. Click here for Seat Sticks

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