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When is a Medium not a Medium?

Here at ArdMoor we’re very proud to be able to offer such a large range from so many incredible manufacturers. However, with products from so many different companies from all over the world, what one company may call a ‘Medium’ another call a ‘Large’. Naturally, this can make it tricky for our customers to choose a size with confidence.

While our team are always on hand to help, to help point you in the right direction we have introduced our own sizing standards based on straightforward inches & centimetres (see below), so with the aid of a tape measure you can always find your perfect fit in seconds.

To measure your chest, you’ll simply want to measure around the widest part of your ribcage. For women, you should measure over the fullest part of your bust.

To measure your waist, measure just above the top of your hipbone and navel. Don’t let vanity get the better of you – do not suck in your stomach! The goal here is to ensure a comfortable fit.

The aim of our standard sizing is to give you a filter to narrow down the products shown to those with a size option that will fit you – particularly useful if you are searching for a deal in our sale/clearance area or if you need an especially small or large item.

Please note that the names & even measurements that are listed on our product pages will come from the manufacturers, so you may be a ‘Small’ below but actually require a ‘Medium’ if that brand’s products come up tight. We’ll be adding more information soon, but if in doubt you can check our brand-by-brand size guides, or get in touch with us.

If do you have any questions at all, or if you would simply like some more advice about any of the products on our website, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01620 671480 or email

Mens Upper Body Sizing
Chest (Inches) Chest (cm) Approximate Size
<33¾ <86cm XXS
33¾”-35½” 86cm-90cm XS
35¾”-37½” 91cm-95cm S
37¾”-39½” 96cm-100cm M
39¾”-41¾” 101cm-106cm L
42″-44″ 107cm-112cm XL
44¼”-46½” 113cm-118cm 2XL
46¾”-49¼” 119cm-125cm 3XL
49½”-51¼” 126cm-130cm 4XL
>51¼” >130cm 5XL
Mens Lower Body Sizing
Waist (Inches) Waist (cm) Approximate Size
<28¾” <73cm XXS
28¾”-30¾” 73cm-78cm XS
31″-33″ 79cm-84cm S
33¼”-35½” 85cm-90cm M
35¾”-37½” 91cm-95cm L
37¾”-39½” 96cm-100cm XL
39¾”-41¼” 101cm-105cm 2XL
41½”-45½” 106cm-116cm 3XL
46″-50½” 117cm-128cm 4XL
50½” >128cm 5XL
Womens Upper Body Sizing
Chest (Inches) Chest (cm) Approximate Size
<30¼” <86cm UK4
30¼”-33″ 86cm-90cm UK6
33¼”-34¾” 91cm-95cm UK8
35″-36¼” 96cm-100cm UK10
36½”-37¾ 101cm-106cm UK12
38″-39½” 107cm-112cm UK14
39¾-41″ 113cm-118cm UK16
41¼”-42½” 119cm-125cm UK18
>42½” 126cm-130cm UK20
Womens Lower Body Sizing
Waist (Inches) Waist (cm) Approximate Size
<24″ <61cm UK4
24″-25¼” 61cm-64cm UK6
25½”-26¾” 65cm-68cm UK8
27″-28½” 69cm-72cm UK10
28¾”-30″ 73cm-76cm UK12
30¼”-31½” 77cm-80cm UK14
31¾”-33″ 81cm-84cm UK16
33½”-34¾” 85cm-88cm UK18
>34¾” >88cm UK20
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