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British weather builds on the assumption that you will experience many different conditions in one day whatever the season.

Looking for a summer jacket that would cover that premise I chanced across a fantastic technical lightweight insulating jacket, the Helly Hansen Lifaloft Insulator Jacket, which is available in both men and women sizes and style, with or without a hood.

Superbly light and packable, the Lifaloft range of jackets from Helly Hansen are perfect for summer strolls when the wind is high but it is warm. Neat enough to fold into a pocket of small rucksack when not needed, I was also impressed to find that mine was brilliantly waterproof in the event of a sudden downpour.

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Lifaloft insulation to the jackets is a master stroke in terms of a warmth to lightweight feel ratio. 20% lighter and still warmer than any standard insulation, Lifaloft is uniquely hydrophobic so the lifa fibers will not absorb any water. The outer fabric is a water resistant and windproof Polyamide fabric and coated in PFC-free Durable Water Repellent coating thus water droplets bead up immediately on the fabric surface and roll off without any absorption. The Helly Hansen Lifaloft range of jackets are all incredibly windproof and keep out the keenest winds discovered today while out walking in a fierce gale yet with the sun still shining strongly.

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Women – sleek flattering fit and neat silhouette combines with the excellent weather protection to be found in this jacket:

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Men – tough, durable and smart, totally waterproof, warm and lightweight, easy to pack away in a bag or pocket when out walking:

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The smart Lifaloft range of lifestyle and outdoor use jackets are beautifully lightweight, highly breathable and with enough warmth to wear alone in summer or why don’t you layer up beneath your outdoor waterproof clothing for a thermal inner when the temperature drops.

The Lifaloft range includes jackets, gilets, pullovers and long coat for a fantastic range of choice.

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