Essential tips for hill walkers

Hill walking is a great way to see the countryside as well as being an excellent form of exercise. We asked our outdoor expert, Grame Creamer, his advice for those who want to venture out on to the hills.

Graeme’s hill walking tips

If you’re heading for the hills, make sure you’ve bought a suitable map and planned your route.

1. Know how to use a compass.

2. Keep hydrated – a Platypus or Camelbak tank in a rucksack is a great piece of equipment to have for keeping your fluids up on the move.

3. Be prepared for the weather – a good quality waterproof jacket is essential, but don’t forget it can be pretty cold up there in the mountains. Pack extra layers, gloves and a hat. Reusable hand warmers are a must if you feel the cold like I do!

4. Wear sturdy walking boots, and don’t wear them for the first time on a climb – break them in and get your feet used to them before a hike.

5. Take provisions – you’ll expend a lot of energy climbing, so take food with you to keep energy levels up. Something sweet is a good idea for a quick boost.

6. Most importantly, whether you’re going to be with someone or going out by yourself make sure somebody else knows where you are going, your planned route and your estimated time to arrive back.

You can browse more of Graeme’s advice by visiting his expert profile.

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