Ladies clay shooting

ArdMoor pairs up with Glad Rags & Cartridge Bags to give club members a great day of shooting, shopping and expert advice.

Our outdoor expert, Mhairi Morriss, runs a clay shooting club – Glad Rags & Cartridge Bags – which provides ladies clay shooting events throughout Scotland.
The ArdMoor Team attended a Glad Rags & Cartridge Bags event last month at Kincardine Castle, and we took along Ian Hume: an ArdMoor expert and member of Scotland’s clay shooting team. Ian was on hand to offer members (which range from those who have never handled a shotgun to those who are experienced shots) advice and tips on how to improve their technique.

After the shoot, the ladies were treated to a delicious afternoon tea at Kincardine Castle and were given the opportunity to shop some of ArdMoor’s latest ranges, including new collections from Harkila, Seeland, Laksen, Hunter and Hoggs of Fife.

Ladies clay shooting

Some of Ian’s top tips for clay shooting:

  1. If you shoot regularly, then it’s worth having a gun fitted to you for both comfort and accuracy.
  2. Get kitted out for safety – ear defenders, safety glasses and a peaked hat are essentials.
  3. Stand with a good stance and don’t move around while you shoot – a quality pair of shooting boots will help with that.
  4. Always start with the gun just off your shoulder to prevent you from getting tired.
  5. Buy good quality cartridges – 21g cartridges are a good load to use and are easier on your shoulder.
  6. Once you choose a cartridge that works for you, stick with it.
  7. Never rush or be rushed; only shout pull when you are fully prepped/ready.
  8. Buy good quality waterproof clothing, just in case the weather turns while you are shooting.
  9. If you decide to buy your own gun then make sure your purchase is of good quality and is designed to last.
  10. If you shoot during summer a shooting jacket may be too warm. A skeet vest will provide you with added comfort and protection without causing you to overheat.

To find out more about either Ian or Mhairi, visit the experts section.

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