Resurgence of the versatile hunting smock

The Smock – A jacket for all seasons

Opinions on when and where the smock originated are many and varied. Some say the pull-over jacket was invented by the Inuit of Greenland and Canada, while others credit WWII snipers with creating a camouflaged cagoule-style coat. The popularity of the smock, or anorak, is even attributed to train spotters of the mid-20th century while one of the first ‘coverall’ smocks was worn by agricultural workers throughout the UK.

Whether it originated on the battlefields of the Second World War, in Canada’s northern territories, the fields of 18th Century England, or on the railway sidings in the 1950s and 60s, one thing is certain, the smock is one of the most versatile items of clothing ever made.

Its enduring appeal to outdoorsmen and women throughout the ages is testament to its versatility and today the smock is going through another resurgence.

New fabrics and technologies have allowed outdoor clothing manufacturers to create smocks with exceptional breathability while providing outstanding protection from the weather.

Waterproof and windproof smocks enable you to move through the Highlands of Scotland or the forests of Europe with confidence, knowing you will stay dry in all weathers. Technical membranes combine with near-silent fabrics for highly flexible, quiet and practical weather protection allowing you to stay focused on your prey.

Face the weather head on with a robust and versatile smock.

Impressive features

Keeping you dry isn’t the smock’s only trick. Many of the latest hunting smocks feature technical insulation, pockets galore, adjustable sleeves, waists, hems, hoods and anything else you might require from a modern-day stalking smock.

Although there are many brands producing smocks, all with different fabrics, membranes and designs, they all have one thing in common – durability. Whether it’s a lightweight smock for spring to early autumn, or a highly insulated full winter smock, all of the brands recognise the importance of the smock being robust and capable of coping with the toughest of terrains.

There is a colour and camo for every environment, with many of the leading hunting and shooting brands producing a range of natural olives and browns and other more technical forest camouflage for woodland surroundings.

Match your smock with a good pair of waterproof trousers and you have a great hunting suit, capable in any weather, for any season.

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