UV Protective Clothing

Now that summer is well and truly underway, it is important to make sure you are protected against the sun’s rays. We run through what to look for and some of the UV protective clothing on offer to ensure you are safe to enjoy the weather.

Sailing Gear

Wearing the correct clothing is important when the sun is out. It is very much the first line of defence against UV rays. Of course, the more skin you cover the better. Long sleeves and trousers will offer more protection then t-shirts and shorts, especially if they have a higher neckline.

There are two important ratings to be aware of when spending time out in the sun. The first of these is the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). This is applied to clothing and is the percentage of UV rays that can penetrate the fabric and make it through to the skin. UPF 50+ is the highest, meaning the 1/50th of the radiation reaches the body. The standard rating for a protective piece is around UPF 30, whilst a standard summer fabric is around UPF 6. The simple table below explains the rating system.

UPF Rating Level of Protection % of UV Radiation Blocked
15-24 Good 93.3-95.9
25-39 Very Good 96-97.4
40-50+ Excellent 97.5-98+

The second is SPF. This stands for Sun Protection Factor and relates to sunscreen. It is, in theory, a calculation of how long you can stay in the sun dependent on the factor chosen. It is worked out by how long it would take you to burn, and this is timed by the factor of the sunscreen.

For example, if you were to burn after 20 minutes with no protection, SPF15 would allow you to safely be in the sun for 300 minutes.

Therefore, as the temperatures heat up, it is important that the factor of sunscreen increase also.

Snowbee Wide Brim Ranger Hat

Available in dark olive and stone colour
Breathable for summer use
UPF 50+
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Gill Women’s UV Tec Trousers

Gill Women’s UV Tec Trousers

Water repellant treatment
Low profile adjustable waist
Flattering fit
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Gill Men’s UV Tec Zip Neck Long Sleeve Top

Lightweight and moisture wicking technology
Womens version available
UPF 50+
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Gill Women’s UV Tec Shorts

Gill Women’s UV Tec Shorts

Lightweight and cool, with water repellant finish
Available for men and women, as well as a trouser
UPF 50+
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Musto ESS UV FD Shorts

Quick dry technology
Reinforced seat area
UPF 40
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All of these items are easy to wash and care for, making them a perfect addition to your wardrobe as the weather continues to improve (fingers crossed). For more advice about what precautions to take whilst out in the sun, please follow this link to the NHS website.

If you need any help choosing your kit or simply would like some more advice about any of the products on our website, then don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01620 671480 or email info@ardmoor.co.uk.

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