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Over the years, fleece has just about replaced wool as the go-to option for a warm and cosy mid-layer to help keep out the cold. However, it’s worth knowing that fleece clothing can offer more than just an extra layer of insulation.

Waterproof fleeces are a relatively new invention, and one that can make or break a hunting trip. When the sun makes an unexpected appearance and it’s just too warm and uncomfortable for your insulated shooting jacket, a waterproof fleece can give you the appropriate waterproof protection while allowing for greater flexibility and freedom of movement.

Anyone who spends much of their time outdoors, whether farming, working, shooting or walking the dog, will appreciate the warmth, protection and flexibility a good fleece brings.

And although fleece fabric may not be waterproof in itself, when twinned with lightweight, breathable and waterproof liners or membranes the humble mid-layer becomes a much more attractive option as a top layer, especially in changeable weather.

Layering versatility

The versatile waterproof fleece offers the wearer warmth and comfort while providing the body’s core with a shield from the wind and rain, allowing you to comfortably carry on with the task in hand.

An ideal outer in cool or changeable weather and, when the temperature really plummets, ready to go as a trusty, breathable mid-layer to keep your core toasty & warm.

As with normal fleeces, a waterproof fleece will wick moisture away from the body. This makes them ideal for mixed intensity days like hiking, stalking or active hunting, as you can be working up a sweat one moment and stock still the next. Working up a sweat could then leave you cold & wet with your own perspiration, which makes their moisture-wicking, highly-breathable design a perfect fit.

Coming in different sizes and designs, these versatile, functional fleeces can also be extremely lightweight and be packed away in a rucksack ready to be pulled out when needed and easily stored away when not required.

At ArdMoor we have great selection of reliable waterproof fleeces, available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours from a range of trusted outdoor brands. All have been chosen by us to keep you warm and dry this coming season, but particular standout brands with excellent ranges of men’s & women’s waterproof fleeces include Baleno, Ridgeline, Deerhunter and Harkila.

The Baleno Watson Men's Waterproof Fleece offers plenty of warmth and weather protection

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