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As we head rapidly towards the summer months in these uncertain times, we are heading outdoors again, walking more, hiking for longer hours while the start of the grouse season is within sight.

A comfortable, waterproof and breathable pair of lightweight walking boots are the perfect footwear solution to walking in warmer temperatures even when wet and slippery underfoot.

Lighter than wellingtons, far more flexible and with far better breathability to give you constant comfort to your feet and exceptional grip on all types of terrain.

As a family-run business with roots going all the way back to the 19th century , it is no surprise that – aside from their superior wellingtons, work boots and clothing designed to keep you comfortable and protected – Hoggs of Fife also have a fantastic range of walking boots.

Founded in 1888, Hoggs’ have the benefit of more than 130 years of experience. Their waterproof and highly breathable walking boots have been refined over the generations for optimal comfort & protection with fantastic value.

About Hoggs of Fife Walking Boots - The History
For “all out-of-doors men” – an excerpt from Hoggs of Fife’s 1940 catalogue

Ideal for wet and warm conditions, a waterproof and breathable membrane is built into the upper part of the boot to keep feet fresh and dry from wet grass and terrain or damp weather. This moisture-wicking, breathable lining is imperative for all day long foot comfort and will keep you out hiking for longer, however changeable the conditions.

Lightweight construction to the walking boots and shoes from Hoggs is an essential criteria for hiking footwear, designed to relieve foot fatigue and make walking easier and more enjoyable. This is achieved by using a blend of materials including suede, mesh, leather and synthetic fabrics that ensure a lightweight shoe.

Energy and comfort to the feet as you walk is heightened by a super comfortable cushioned midsole and a padded cut away collar to protect feet. Shock absorbing pads within the removable cushioned insole will absorb any impact caused by rocky or uneven ground, designed to let you walk miles and miles.

Superb grip and traction is essential and each Hoggs walking boot and shoe features excellent traction from a cleated rubber sole to keep you safely upright on slippery or muddy conditions. The hardy and abrasion resistant Vibram sole on the Munro Classic has alternate lugs and a smooth surface to aid traction and grip across a range of surfaces plus great comfort and protection from knocks or bumps.

In terms of comfort and cushioning, a walking boot will win over a wellington every time, cushioning the feet with each step and keeping your feet dry and comfortable. A decent pair of walking socks will also add to foot comfort and protection, give energy to your feet and prevent blisters by rub or damp conditions.

Designed to let you walk miles and miles in all types of conditions, walking boots are a welcome treat for your feet, cushioning and absorbing impact, keeping feet dry and waterproof and exceptionally comfortable throughout your day. Browse the Hoggs of Fife range of walking boots and find a pair to accompany you through your summer/autumn walking days and beyond.

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