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Laksen Sporting has created an exclusive Dynamic Eco hunting range that benefits from an idea that started out as an attempt to create a better fire hose and ended up saving the lives of hundreds of pilots during the Second World War.

Scientists at the Shirley Institute in Manchester were working to come up with a substitute material for the construction of fire hoses. War broke out and this dedicated team of scientists turned their attention to creating clothing for Hurricane pilots risking their lives daily while flying escort missions for the Atlantic and Russian Sea convoys, and Ventile was born.

The merchant ships from which the Hurricanes were catapulted were not equipped for a return landing, so many airmen lost their lives in the cold, brutal waters, within just a few minutes.

The scientists at Shirley came up with a lifesaving solution – a fabric that was light and breathable, even under combat conditions, but would protect once immersed in the cold waters of the Atlantic and Russian Sea. The Ventile fabric extended the life expectancy of the pilots tenfold with 80% of downed pilots surviving the harsh conditions due to this incredible fabric.

Woven into history

The Ventile fabric was woven on huge wooden looms by Talbot Weaving in Chorley, Lancashire, and was used by RAF and Royal Navy pilots all over the world.

The cool, yet highly protective fabric was also used by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay as they reached the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest point in 1953.

Another great adventurer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, took advantage of Ventile’s waterproof, robust and insulating properties when he crossed the Arctic between 1979 and 1982.

And now, in 2021, Scandinavian field sports clothing specialist Laksen Sporting is the latest manufacturer to utilise this outstanding fabric in its Dynamic Eco range.

Laksen has created a collection of hunting, stalking and shooting clothing that is both environmentally sound and fully weather and terrain protective.

Made to last

Made with Ventile Eco cloth, the Laksen Sporting Dynamic Eco range is made to last and made from 100% organic cotton and because the garments are made in Europe, the range’s carbon footprint is minimal when compared to the clothing produced in the Far East.

The Dynamic Eco range offers enhanced breathability and an uncanny ability to keep you cool when the weather is warm, and suitably cosy when it’s cold. The fabric is rustle free, meaning the Laksen Sporting Dynamic Eco range is perfectly suited to life stalking on the hill or hunting in dense woodland.

Double twisted cotton threads used in the manufacture of the Ventile fabric means that durability and therefore the lifespan of the garment increases. Its threads tighten when they get damp and provide enhanced protection against wind, rain and snow.

Combined with Laksen Sporting’s CTX Membrane, the Dynamic Eco range is a sure-fire way of keeping warm and dry for years to come.

Included in this innovative range are men’s and women’s smocks, men’s and women’s trousers and gaiters for the perfect hunting, stalking or shooting suit.

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