Why wear a rash vest

Rash vests are popular with watersports enthusiasts, but are also a great essential for a day at the beach. Their popularity comes from the added protection and comfort they provide for those who enjoy spending their time in or on the water.

Rash vests, or UV tops as they can also be known, can be worn under a wetsuit or on their own with board shorts or bikini bottoms. Many of the leading watersports brands such as Musto and Gill offer rash vests for men, women and children – making them a great choice for all of the family.

Benefits of wearing a rash vest

If worn under a wetsuit, a rash vest – as the name suggests – can help to prevent rashes caused by the abrasion of the wetsuit, sand and salt water against your skin. Rash vests can also help to regulate body temperature, making them ideal for longer periods of activity in the water.

When worn on their own, the vest will still protect against abrasions while giving added protection from the sun, as many rash vests offer protection of up to 50+ SPF. This added sun protection makes rash vests the perfect piece of kit for a day at the beach – particularly for children who are often in and out of the water.

Plus, when you are enjoying activities such as sailing, surfing or water-skiing, it’s easy to forget to reapply suncream.

Quality rash vests also tend to be made from materials that have moisture wicking properties, so that when you get out of the water, your rash vest will dry quickly.

Fitting your rash vest

Rash vests are designed to be tight-fitting. If worn under a wetsuit, this is particularly important in order for you to have a comfortable fit as well as receiving the full benefits of wearing a rash vest.

If you are heading to the beach or are going out on the water this summer, browse our range of rash vests for men, women and children.

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