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Crewsaver’s ultimate Ergofit collection has been designed with the benefit of Crewsaver’s fifty years of experience. Launched in 2012, the Ergofit delivers safety, comfort and style, even for the most extreme marine environments.

Crewsaver is widely recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture of life jackets and sailing equipment. Included in their offering is the Ergofit range of life jackets which has been designed to provide high levels of buoyancy while giving maximum freedom of movement.

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Ergofit Newton Rating

Today’s leisure life jackets tend to provide buoyancy from 100N (Newtons) up to 290N. This buoyancy can be provided using various designs and materials such as foam or air.

The CrewSaver ErgoFit range offers buoyancy from 190N right up to 290N. The Ergofit 190N is approved to ISO level 150N – the quality standard traditionally follows for inshore and coastal use.

The Crewsaver Ergofit 290N is approved to ISO level 275N, yet offers a full 290N of buoyancy – the added buoyancy makes this life jacket ideal for the extreme conditions faced during offshore use.

Ergo fit design


A common fault with life jackets is that they are uncomfortable to wear due to the added pressure and weight on the wearer’s neck. Crewsaver’s design prevents this by shaping the life jacket to distribute its weight evenly around the body. Particular attention has been paid to the neckline, as this is the area which usually causes the most discomfort. The Ergo fit range is designed to be form-fitting and many also offer fleece collars to provide comfort.

The shaping has been designed to be ‘3D’ so that it fits the shape of the body, to provide added comfort so that the wearer benefits from maximum comfort and freedom of movement.


The Ergofit range of lifejackets also double as a harness to provide an added all-in-one safety solution while out on deck. Plus, to ensure your lifejacket is in perfect working order, the Ergofit range of lifejackets feature an indicator window on the firing mechanism of the cylinder. This range is also AIS compatible, and this technology is activated immediately upon inflation.

Ergo fit materials

The materials used in the creation of all Crewsaver jackets – including Ergofit – have been chosen for their quality, comfort and longevity. The Ergofit range benefits from breathable mesh back panels to provide maximum comfort during active use. They also feature three quick burst zip points to insure rapid, unhindered inflation should the wearer fall overboard.


BS EN ISO – A British safety standard issued by the International Organisation for Standardisation.

AIS – this technology can be activated in the event that a crew member falls overboard, the high precision GPS data is then sent to your vessel’s on-board plotter in order to assist in a fast rescue.

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