Finding a Reliable Dog Breeder

Taking the time to search for a reliable dog breeder is a worthwhile future investment, as often the environment the puppy is born into and the interaction they have with the breeder and other dogs will have a profound effect on their future behaviour. By the time the puppy is approximately 8 weeks old and ready to go to their new home, they will vary greatly in brain development depending on how they have been raised. This guide hopes to provide advice on what to look out for when searching and visiting a dog breeder with a view to purchasing a new puppy.

The first thing you will notice about a reliable dog breeder is their attention to detail throughout the process of rearing puppies. They’re the ones who take care to select good owners, provide proper veterinary care, take time to raise a litter properly and put in a lot of late nights to ensure well-adjusted, healthy puppies. The best breeders will tend to breed not more than two or three litters a year and will not breed to order so be prepared to wait. They are worth the effort.

A good place to begin your search for a reliable dog breeder is a dog show where you will have the opportunity to talk to breeders and owners alike about their dogs. Information on dog shows can be found in specialist magazines or through various other channels such as the internet. Similarly, there may be a dog breed club or a group of enthusiasts in your area who would be happy to help you find a good breeder. Failing this, if you know someone who owns a nice dog of your preferred breed, ask them where they obtained their dog and talk to their breeder.

A reliable breeder will tend to fulfill the following criteria – visit the breeder, arrive prepared with questions and if you cannot get detailed answers, continue looking elsewhere.

  • Concerned about the health and temperament of their puppies, as opposed to breeding on to win prizes.
  • Allows you to see the mother with the puppies. Avoid buying puppies where the mother is absent, as this could be an indication that she is aggressive or cannot be trusted with people around her litter.
  • Makes sure the puppies are well socialized with people and familiar with household items, smells, sights and sounds by giving them regular access to their own house. This will make their transition to a new home much less stressful.
  • Cares about what happens to the puppies they breed once they leave for a new home. Be prepared to stay in touch with your chosen breeder as it is common for the best breeders to check up on how your new puppy is getting on and they may be able to offer advice on any problems you may be having.

Once you have selected your breeder and chosen your puppy, it’s time to ensure you’ve got all the necessary dog equipment to transport, train and eventually work your dog in the field. The Rex Transport Box for Dogs is durable, collapsible and comes with a hand nylon water bowl – so no need to struggle heavy metal cages anymore! Find the right breeder, start training and make your home a happy place for you and your new companion.

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