Fishing Safety Tips

Fishing is not generally considered a high-risk sport, but knowing how to stay safe regardless of the circumstances is critical for any fisherman. ArdMoor has compiled this list of River Fishing Safety Tips* – visit our Facebook page to submit your own tips!

River Fishing Saftey Tips:

  1. Always dress appropriately, this includes waterproof fishing jackets, waders and footwear.
  2. Check the weather before you leave and be ready for any sudden changes in conditions that may occur.
  3. Remember, the hooks on the end of your line are very sharp. Before you make a cast, make sure there is no one behind you.
  4. Use caution when baiting and removing hooks.
  5. If you go fishing alone, be sure to tell someone exactly where you are going and when.
  6. If you’re fishing from a boat, wear a life jacket.
  7. If you are fishing in unknown waters with a strong current, go with a friend. Always carefully check out the area before wading in, and when you do wade in, do so carefully. Carry a wading stick and take one step at a time to feel for any deep drop-offs.

What river fishing equipment are you likely to need to be safe?
Here is a little kit advice below.

  • Adequate footwear – Rubber soled boots for sand-based & felt soled for rock-based rivers
  • Water & wind resistant clothing
  • Wading staff or stick to determine water levels
  • Map of where you will be fishing
  • A method of communication such as a mobile phone/radio
  • First Aid Kit in case of minor injury

*N.B. ArdMoor provides these tips and recommendations based on experience and general knowledge. We accept no liability or responsibility to any person or organisation as a consequence of any reliance upon the information contained in this site.

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