Grouse Sandwich

This fabulous recipe serves 2 and is simple to prepare in around 15 minutes. Have a go and enjoy a tasty game sandwich today!


  • 8 Grouse Breasts

  • 4 Black Pudding Slices

  • 4 Soda Bread Slices

  • 100g Mixed Salad Leafs

  • Cornish Sea Salt

  • Milled Black Pepper


  1. Season and sear the grouse in a hot pan and cook for a few minutes each side pending size then set aside.

  2. Grill the black pudding slices

  3. Toast the soda bread

  4. To build the sandwich place the sodabread on a plate and top with the black pudding

  5. Arrange the salad on the blackpudding and place the grouse on top season and drizzle over a little lemon oil

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Recipe and image courtesy of Game to Eat

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