Harkila HEAT Control System

Feel the HEAT with the Harkila HEAT Control System

If you’ve ever been deep in the woods, surrounded by snow and ice, in the middle of a long day’s shoot and wished you could summon up the heat of a roaring fire, the Harkila HEAT Control System will be welcome news.

Scandinavian brand Harkila has developed an electronically heated outerwear range which can be controlled from your smartphone. An app lets you regulate the temperature of your jacket with just a touch of your screen.

With a swipe of a finger you’ll be able to increase the temperature making for a much more comfortable hunting. Harkila’s aim is to help you maintain your perfect temperature and prolong your effective hunting time.

Harkila HEAT Control System App Jacket
Harkila’s HEAT Control system app turns your smartphone into an instant thermostat

A thin heating membrane delivers the warmth safely to your body for maximum comfort and performance, while a powerbank secured in a pocket powers Harkila’s innovative HEAT technology. It’s controlled from either a jacket-mounted three-temperature manual control or via the HEAT Control app on your smartphone allowing you to always be in control.

The technology is currently available in the HEAT Control jacket, and two waistcoats with either V-neck or high collar. These are lightweight with Thermo Poly Shield padding and also stretch panels for flexibility, which allows for a more comfortable wear.

The pads that deliver the heat are thin, waterproof lightweight and foldable. As a result, you can pack away your jacket or waistcoat like any other, confident you won’t be damaging the heating pads.

A single 10,000mAh powerpack can provide up to 7 hours of warmth and any powerpack can be used, allowing you to swap them out on-the-go for guaranteed, all-day warmth. Simply disconnect your powerpack and, thanks to its completely waterproof power connector, you can wash the jacket as normal.

Harkila was founded by Scandinavian hunters for hunters and is always at the forefront of innovative design for outdoor clothing and footwear, as such making it the ideal brand for those looking for cutting-edge technology. Its goal is to let the hunter perform at their highest level whatever the conditions.

And coming from one of the harshest winter environments, Harkila knows a thing or two about keeping warm.

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