Horse Time - End of Year Report

ArdMoor are proud to support Horse Time – a registered charity who specialise in equine therapy for those dealing with psychological, relational and emotional hardships, including veterans, first responders, young people and more.

As a busy year comes to a close, here’s a report from Horse Time…

As we fast approach the end of 2019 we are pleased to report another successful year for Horse Time. Our programmes are going from strength to strength as we continue to provide specialist services delivered by The Sue Brewis Centre, who are leading the way in mental health and trauma interventions.

Horse Time continues to evidence a significantly positive impact on those beneficiaries accessing the programmes and we are delighted to announce that we have successfully included systemic family therapy as one of our services on offer.

Our primary focus this year has been to make our services more accessible to a wider range of people experiencing difficulties in our local community by extending the reach of our programmes through additional Horse Time Bespoke workshops.

We have also been looking into upgrading our facilities, and have created a list of priorities that we are starting to work our way through.

Back in April, Sue and the team were invited to address the Armed Forces and Veterans Cross Party Group in Scottish Parliament. Whilst there we were able to raise our profile as well as highlight the deeper and more sustainable impact our specialist trauma therapy services have one our beneficiaries compared to those services and activities that promote well-being.

After last years successful delivery of the second cohort of our Horses for Forces programme, The Sue Brewis Centre has now also successfully delivered a third Horses For Forces programme for Horse Time. As well as this we have also delivered an absolutely brilliant Plus One workshop for those supporting caring for people affected by PTSD, and a hugely successful Resilience and Regulation workshop for Meeting of Minds, a parent led support group for children with complex/additional needs.

We are continuing to look into research opportunities that explore the impact our programmes have on trauma related mental health issues.

As The Sue Brewis Centre grows the team delivering the Horse Time programmes continues to expand. We have one new 2 legged team member, Erin, who manages PR, Administration and our now very active social media, and four new horses.

Joining the herd this year we have Lucy the Lusitano and her daughter Olive, Jasper the Fallabella, and Colada the Criollo. They have all settled in beautifully and have already had a positive impact on the lives of our beneficiaries.

Our ADAPT Therapy (Alleviating Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Trauma) with horses happens all year round here at Little Swinton and it is so important that the therapists, horse handlers and beneficiaries are clothed appropriately in order to achieve the greatest insight from these sessions. We would like to take this opportunity to thank ArdMoor for their very generous donation of outdoor clothing for the two legged members of the Horse Time team and our beneficiaries. Earlier in the year, we were invited up to ArdMoor head quarters in North Berwick, where our team were very generously kitted out from head to toe.

ArdMoor are also supporting our supporters, who can buy anything from the ArdMoor website with a 10% discount, half of which is be donated to us.

We are absolutely blown away by the support of Stods, Jo and the ArdMoor team. A great big thank you again.

To close, as the popularity of our programmes increases, fundraising really does remain our biggest challenge. Our consistently successful outcomes continue to illustrate that our programmes work, and there is an increasing demand for the services we provide, both in the Borders and further afield. But we need your help to ensure that we can expand our programmes to help transform the lives of many more people in need.

Donations can be made through our website or directly to Horse Time SCIO.

If you require more information on our activities please do not hesitate to get in touch- we love to talk about what we do!