How Are Wellingtons Made?

For country life, there’s one item which is a year-round essential – wellington boots!

Comfortable, hard-wearing wellingtons are crucial for those of you who work or enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. Gumleaf Clothing takes pride in offering footwear and clothing which promises to live up to the demands of the countryside environment.

The making of Gumleaf wellingtons

If you love Gumleaf wellingtons as much as ArdMoor’s customers do, you’ve probably enjoyed their comfort for hours on end without giving a thought towards how they are made

Gumleaf have released a video detailing the method behind the making of Gumleaf Royal Zip Boot, which reveals some of the steps involved in their creation. Handmade in their factories in Europe, this short clip shows the process of the neoprene and rubber being shaped around the boot and the final stage of the boot being heated in the autoclave.

Get your own pair of Gumleaf Wellies

Impressed? If you haven’t snapped up your own pair, you can purchase a pair of Gumleaf Royal Zip Wellies on our website

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