Mallard, wild mushrooms and salt baked turnip

Ed and Dale from The Gardener’s Cottage – our game cooking experts – have provided this delicious duck recipe which was created using mallard from Kingston Farm (the home of ArdMoor) and locally-sourced ingredients.

Mallard, wild mushrooms, salt-baked turnip and green sauce


1 x Mallard on the crown oven ready

1x Salt baked turnip

A good handful of wild mushrooms (winter chanterelle, cep or any other mushrooms available at the market)

Fresh green herbs (parsley, marjoram and sage work well)

For the turnip

See our salt-baked turnip recipe.

For the sauce

Chop a good handful of fresh herbs with a handful of walnuts and a few capers. Add a splash of vinegar and a few tablespoons of oil until you get a pesto consistency. Parsley, marjoram and sage work well but you can use whats at hand.

Cooking the bird

Place the duck in a heavy bottomed pan with a sprig of thyme and some oil.

Cook on a medium heat until the bird is evenly browned, place the mallard on a baking tray and cook for approximately ten minutes or until the meat is cooked ‘medium’ at approximately 180 degrees.

Rest the bird wrapped in tin foil for a further ten minutes then carve, serve and enjoy!

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