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One of Sweden’s most iconic designers is the inspiration behind a sailing and skiing brand that’s now available at ArdMoor.

Pelle P was created by Cecilia Petterson, who is the daughter of Pelle Petterson, Olympic sailor, America’s Cup racer and designer.

Pelle Petterson designed and helmed boats entered in the famous Americas Cup, but is best known at home for designing the Maxi sailing boat, which is still one of Sweden’s most popular boats.

Aside from the numerous boats he designed, built and raced, Pelle Petterson was also the designer behind Volvo’s sexiest car – the P1800. Thanks to it being driven by Roger Moore in The Saint, the P1800 acquired cult status in the 1960s

But it is only relatively recently that the identity of this iconic car’s designer has come to light.

In the 1950s, Pelle’s father Helmar Petterson, a design consultant with Volvo, snuck a design from his apprentice son into the final four designs from which Volvo president Gunnar Engellau was to choose his favourite. Thinking he was picking out a beautiful Italian-designed car, Engellau chose Pelle’s drawings. Unhappy that he had been tricked, the Volvo president refused to allow Pelle to take any credit for his design of the 1960s classic.

Now, daughter Cecilia Petterson has taken on the design baton and is running full steam ahead with a range of beautifully designed and crafted sailing and skiing apparel inspired by her life with her father and their shared love of sailing and the mountains.

The new Pelle P range includes jackets, mid-layers, trousers, smocks – all incredibly functional but, as with much Scandinavian design, elegantly simple and supremely stylish.

Pelle P’s use of state-of-the-art fabrics and techniques means its clothing is at the cutting edge of sailing apparel. Lightweight insulation and flexible membranes make for exceptionally waterproof and breathable sailing jackets, smocks, shorts and trousers for both men and women.

Pelle P stylish jackets and comfy mid-layers

Its mid-layers are warm and breathable, creating a comfortable environment for you to perform at your best. This versatile mid-layer collection is interchangeable between sailing and skiing, ideal for creating a capsule cross-activity wardrobe for the seasons ahead.

Pelle P’s collection of urban clothing, with padded jackets and gilets, will keep you warm when the cool winds are blowing through the city streets.

Since the company was formed in 2007, its philosophy has been to create products that meet customers’ high expectations, developing materials and fabrics that can achieve this, while having the lowest possible environmental impact.

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