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Fleece jackets are often created with different material membranes, one of which, used predominately by Harkila, is Polartec®. Polartec is amongst a range of membranes used to weatherproof clothing and knowing what different membranes offer is important. Understanding Polartec as a material and what it offers in terms of functionality throughout a range of fleece jackets is essential when selecting the right fleece jacket. For example, do you need a windproof fleece, a stretchable fleece, or a lightweight and breathable fleece?

Different activities have different fleece requirements, depending on your activity levels. We have a range of Polartec fleeces for all country activities at ArdMoor and this quick guide is designed to help you pick the best for your needs.

Polartec Fleece – Wind Pro®

The Polartec Wind Pro Fleece is an extremely breathable fleece with a crucial difference – up to four times the traditional wind resistance of a standard fleece. The Wind Pro Fleece can be used in a wide range of country activities all year round as an insulating or outer layer of country clothing.

Polartec Wind Pro Features

  • A tight material structure allows the Polartec Fleece with Wind Pro to overcome the main windchill issues found in a traditional fleece.
  • Protection from rain and snow with a water repellent outer surface.
  • Inner air is distributed evenly for warmth without weight.
  • The intelligent breathable membrane prevents overheating
  • More wind resistance than a traditional fleece

Polartec Fleece – Power Stretch®

The Polartec Power Stretch Fleece is designed to hug your body and stretch in can stretch in up to four directions simultaneously to support movement. The Polartec Power stretch fabric is widely considered one of the most versatile fabrics for fitness and outdoor clothing thanks to its ability to provide warmth without weight and draw sweat from your body to keep you dry. Freedom of movement and the ability to keep dry is essential for arduous country activities, so if you are going to be moving quickly and often, a Polartec Fleece with Power Stretch could just be the trick.

Polartec Power Stretch Features

  • Highly breathable
  • Sweat is wicked from the skin and evaporated through the outer layer.
  • Sweat is distributed widely across the outer surface layer to ensure quick evaporation.
  • Multi-direction stretch for comfort
  • Provides protection from the wind
  • Soft and comfortable to wear

Polartec Fleece – Classic 200®

A Polartec Fleece with Classic 200 represents a fine balance of lightweight, breathability and warmth. The Classic fabric sits in the middle of the Classic 100 material (lightweight for the warm days out) and the Classic 300 material (heavyweight for winter use) and, thanks to its versatility, the Classic 200 is widely used as a mid insulation layer.

The Polartec Classic line not only provides outstanding warmth without weight, but is breathable, durable and dries quickly, making it a versatile option for a variety of outdoor scenarios.

Polartec Classic Features

  • Construction of the material ensures body heat is retained inside the fleece without the heavy weight of a thicker fleece
  • Long-lasting insulating ability
  • Breathable layering minimises overheating
  • Quick to dry after use

The Polartec material is widely used throughout Harkila’s country clothing and many of our shooting fleeces. Harkila is proud to be a partner with Polartec and continues to produce shooting and outdoor wear that has been tried and tested, not only in the laboratory but in the field by experts.

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