A hillwalker's review of the Ridgeline Warrior EXP Boots

The Ridgeline Warrior EXP Boots promise to be built for extreme conditions and terrain…so where better to test them than on the Isle of Skye in what seems like the wettest winter imaginable!

Our outdoor expert Graeme Creamer is based on the Isle of Skye and regularly combines his two passions – hillwalking and wildlife photography – amid Skye’s testing weather conditions. So how did the Ridgeline Warrior XP perform?

What was the product used for?

Hillwalking on the Isle of Skye.

Good Points

This is a sturdy boot! They were extremely comfortable from the outset and as the leather softens, they are becoming more and more comfortable with each use. They are warm, they are waterproof and the grip is good on the soles – what more could I ask for from a pair of walking boots? I am very happy with these so far and I am sure I will be wearing them for a long time to come.

Bad Points

Not so much a bad point, but at first the boots seem to be made of stiff leather (however, as mentioned above, this softens and is very comfortable) and have a higher ankle than I would usually opt for. So this took me a while to get used to but offers great support around my ankles.

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