Shooting with Kids

Bringing your children shooting is a fantastic experience for both yourself and them, watching them beating with their own dogs, understanding and learning the disciplines and rules of a day’s shooting and just absorbing and appreciating the countryside and nature around them. Beating is a super way to introduce your kids to shooting, as young as 8 years can be reliable enough to understand the rules of the day and really enjoy their newfound independence.

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Clothing and footwear

These are the key ingredients to a child’s enjoyment of their day out on the peg or beating. Warmth, comfort and 100% waterproof garments are vital depending on the weather, while non-slip, warm and waterproof footwear is needed all season. Prepare for the worst the British autumn and winter season can throw at you. We stock a great range of waterproof, classic styled shooting jackets such as the Woodcock II Kids or Alan Paine Rutland Kids that both provide against wet, cold elements and allow for great room for movement within. They feature large spacious cartridge pockets and cosy fleece lined hand warmer pockets for cold hands and storing dog leads, dog treats and their sweets!


Always a great idea with the weather and temperature changing throughout your day. Gilets and waistcoats are a great option to keep the body core warm beneath waterproof outer layers and are highly breathable so you stay dry within, allowing moisture to pass up and out of the fabric. Otherwise, they are the perfect layer on warmer days when they don’t require the bulk of a full jacket.

Warm hands, feet and head will go towards keeping your children beautifully warm and comfortable, keeping them out in the field for longer. See our kids’ accessories page for a great choice of shooting caps, bobble hats, buffs, gloves and socks that will ensure warmth and comfort.

Shooting trousers

Trousers which are both waterproof and warm are essential for keeping backsides dry when seated for their lunch on wet ground. Numerous pockets, wind and waterproof fabric such as the Seeland Keypoint Kids Trousers have a super comfortable elastic waist that kids will love, keeping them warm and comfortable as well as protected from the elements while shooting. See our full range of kids’ trousers here.

Ear defenders and warm headbands to protect and warm the ears – super soft, snug fitting and 100% windproof, my daughter wore the Mark Todd Headband to protect from cold winds while the younger one chose headphones to protect her ears from noise shots and were extremely comfortable and secure.

Footwear must be chosen carefully. Wet feet are no fun and they will simply complain and feel uncomfortable. Wellies are a great option, preferably with a neoprene lining to keep toes from getting icy and a great grip underfoot will keep them steady and safely on their feet. We stock a great range of children’s wellingtons, the Grubs range boast wicking linings to keep feet warm and dry in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 30°C. See the full range of kids’ wellington boots here.

Please call us with any questions or for advice and one of our ArdMoor team will be able to help you further.

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