For a Life Outdoors - Stay dry with work wear that works

Hard-working work wear

For those who earn a living working outdoors, the clothes they wear can be as important as the tools they use.

Gardeners, builders, farmers and the many others who work outside whatever the weather need to choose wisely when it comes to their kit, especially the outer layers which, during filthy weather, can make the difference between a slow, miserable day and a productive, happy one.

Gamekeepers, hunters, beaters and other field sports enthusiasts understand all to well the importance of good weatherproof kit. When the birds are flying or the trout is biting, it’s just not an option to head indoors because of a torrential downpour or two.

And it’s the same for those who work outdoors. Staying on site and finishing the job is usually the only option. And having the correct clothing, footwear and outerwear will help immeasurably when it comes to staying dry and completing the task in hand.

Tips for buying work wear

Always buy quality that will last but remember that the most expensive isn’t always the best. Research properly and speak to retailers or people who use weatherproof kit for their opinions to help you stay dry with work wear that works.

Look for jackets and trousers with quality waterproof and breathable membranes – its waterproof and breathability ratings will give you a good idea as to what kind of weather it can withstand. See our waterproof and breathability ratings guide for more information.

Good quality baselayers are invaluable if you work outdoors – and not only for keeping you warm. Soft fabric baselayers provide a comfortable protective layer between your skin and outer-layers, jacket and trousers. Baselayers also help to wick sweat and moisture away from the skin, keeping you dryer and more comfortable when outdoors and active.

Crossover clothing

Although many of the brands and clothing ranges available at ArdMoor are designed specifically for life on the moor, hill and peg, they can work perfectly well for gardeners, builders, conservationists, arborists, vets, wildlife and sports photographers, and anyone else who works outdoors and can’t just down tools and head indoors when the heavens open. Brands such as Harkila, Baleno, Seeland, Hoggs, Aclima and Deerhunter all produce exceptional shooting and hunting gear that is also perfect for everyday work wear use.

Many of our waterproof and breathable shooting jackets come packed with features to allow exceptional freedom of movement, such as articulated elbows and shoulders, longer rear hems, adjustable sleeves and removable hoods.

Trousers are available with strengthened knees and seats, water resistant pockets, elasticated waists, waterproof and breathable membranes – everything you’d find on a pair of high-end work wear trousers.

As well as sturdy waterproof boots perfect for those on their feet all day, we also stock a great range of safety boots specifically designed for life in wild and woolly weather, for excellent waterproof protection. Click here to view our range of boots

You’ll also find waterproof over-trousers and jackets, heated waistcoats and jackets, baselayers, socks, hats and gloves, and everything else you’ll need for a successful day at work.

Click here to view Deerhunter’s Heat Jacket in action.

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