Woodcock Watch data boosted by European sunshine

The last few weeks have seen a flurry of activity from GWCT’s tagged woodcock, thanks to some long-awaited sunshine.

In support of the GWCT’s Woodcock Watch project, we have posted regular updates about the progression and migration patterns of their satellite-tagged birds.

Warmer weather and spring sunshine mean that the satellite tags on the woodcock have been able to transmit regular location updates. This data has shown that many of the birds have returned to their spring breeding grounds – around 11 of the birds so far.

The transmitted location data shows the distance each of these birds travel from their winter locations to their spring breeding sites, with one bird, Smithy, travelling in excess of 7500km.

The information gathered by GWCT’s Woodcock Watch project enables us to find out about these birds – particularly their loyalty to migration locations as well as their abundance and distribution.

To support the GWCT and the Woodcock Watch conservation effort, please visit their Just Giving page.

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