Woodcock Watch Winter Update

Late autumn and winter can be when the GWCT’s tagged woodcock go ‘quiet.’ This is due to the solar-powered tags struggling to receive enough sunlight to remain charged and so any data can be few and far between. However, this month the GWCT have had data transmitted from three woodcock – Wensum, Olwen and Knepp.


Wensum appears to be the first of the tagged woodcock to successfully complete the autumn migration and is currently in northern Germany at the same site for the third consecutive winter.


Olwen’s data shows that his behaviour isn’t typical of a woodcock as he is somewhat of a wanderer. Despite remaining faithful to the same breeding ground each year, Olwen’s wintering sites have varied year to year and this winter Olwen has chosen a site in Lincolnshire.


Knepp, named after the bird’s chosen wintering site of Knepp Castle, has returned from his breeding site in Finland back to Knepp Castle in Sussex.

Due to storms and poor weather caused by Storm Desmond there hasn’t been much data transmitted recently – keep up to date with the Woodcock’s movements on the GWCT’s blog.

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