Shooting Gifts for the Country Sports Enthusiast

Are you struggling to know what gift to get someone who shoots? If so then read our guide to help you find the perfect shooting gifts. Male or female, old or young, all shooting people need a variety of things that make the perfect gift.

Shooting Gifts: Clothing

Starting with gifts that they would wear, shooting socks are always a good choice and are something that you can never have enough of. Garters for them tend to go astray so you could get a pair of those with the socks to have a matching set.

You can’t go wrong with a nice shirt that can be worn with or without a tie. It is sometimes difficult to know whether the person you are buying for wears a tie whilst shooting but we would always assume they would. Not only do they give a smart look, they also help to stop rain running down the back of your neck on a wet day!

Over the shirt, a good jumper is always needed. Shooting jumpers come in a range of colours and styles and are a must for those days when you need to layer up. Something with a zip neck or V-Neck would go well with the shirt and tie and can be worn year round.

If you really want to treat them then a good fleece gilet is a great present to receive. Perfect for layering up on those colder days, they are guaranteed to make the recipient think of you every time they reach for it.

Things that always go astray / get left behind / get chewed by a dog are caps, hats and particularly gloves. Absolutely essential items for anyone who shoots, a pair of shooting gloves are a great gift to receive, as is any sort of cap or hat to help keep the head warm and to keep the rain or sun out of the eyes.

Shooting Gifts - Clothing

Shooting Gifts: Equipment & Accessories

As with any sport, there are endless amounts of equipment and accessories that the shooting person needs and these are often particularly pertinent if you are buying for someone who is new to the sport (although always worth finding out from a parent what they might need first). It is also well worth finding out what gauge of shotgun they use if you are thinking of buying them a cartridge belt or gun cleaning kit so that you buy them the right one.

Alternatively, a cartridge bag is a great gift that can and should last a lifetime if they look after it. Likewise a gun slip is something that will also last a lifetime and often both the cartridge bag and slip can be embossed with the recipient’s initials to further personalise the gift, as can a game bag which is ideal for someone who loves a walked up or rough day’s shooting or who prefers picking up.

Ear defenders are an essential piece of equipment for anyone shooting as are safety glasses which are obligatory for anyone shooting clays and well advised for anyone shooting live game so they also make a good gift.

After they have enjoyed a great day out, most people like to record their day in a game book or game register so these are a great gift for the young gun starting out and will be something they use for many seasons. For the older gun, a hip flask to carry some sustaining fluid to keep the cold at bay and the joints moving freely is always a welcome thing to have in the back pocket.

Shooting Gifts

If you need further inspiration then have a browse through our Shooting Gifts folder where there is a great selection not just of some of the above but also of plenty of other gadgets and “must have” items for the person who loves their shooting whether they are actually pulling the trigger or picking up or simply love being in in the beating line.

Alternatively, do feel free to contact us via or 01620 671480 as we would love to help you choose the perfect gift.

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