Great British Game Week

Great British Game Week – (November 24th – 30th 2014)

Did you know that this week is officially Great British Game Week? Game dishes will be served across the country as part of Great British Game Week which celebrates all that is great about British game and is aimed at introducing people to the taste of game.

We know that many of our ArdMoor customers will already be ardent fans of game as part of their every day diet, but did you know how many brilliant recipes there are out there to add variety to our simple but favourite marinated haunch of venison, whole roast partridge or fricasseed pheasant breasts.

Let your friends into the secret of the rewards of eating wild game instead of your usual meat – lean, low cholesterol, high in Omega 3, low in Omega 6 fatty acids, iron, zinc (ok I think we might be boring them now), basically all great for a healthy diet, with the added bonus of being completely delicious too.

Our budding ArdMoor chefs and some lovely contributing cooks have put their aprons on and come up with a week’s worth of inspiring recipes to tempt your taste buds and hopefully open your eyes to the infinite possibilities of Great British Game.

We would love it if you wanted to share pictures or stories of your attempts to reproduce any of our recipes – please either email us directly with your tales from the kitchen or tweet and post pictures of your culinary creations and comments to our Facebook page or via Twitter. We would love to hear from you.

So delve into that deep freeze today, get cooking and eating and show your support for Great British Game Week!

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