Organisations Get Together to Promote Great British Game Week

The BASC’s Taste of Game and the Countryside Alliance’s Game-to-Eat have joined forces to launch Great British Game Week to be held later this month, from 24-30 November, and are urging businesses to get involved to help promote seasonal game to the public.

At ArdMoor we are showing our support for this great initiative by publishing a game-inspired recipe for each day of Great British Game Week – from classics such as game pie, to oriental pheasant salad and beer can partridge: there should be something to tempt all cooks, whether keen or novice.

Game meat suppliers, especially venison providers, have enjoyed growing in popularity in the past year, with retailers such as Sainsbury’s launching their own brand of venison ranges. Great British Game Week aims to highlight the versatility and nutritional benefits of game.

Michelin-star chef Phil Vickery endorsed the idea: “Great British Game Week is a great idea. What I am doing is modernising the way game meat is cooked, it is incredibly versatile and very quick to cook. You can attach lots of great flavours to it from spice to sweet and fruits. I urge everyone to try game meat.

Annette Cole, from Taste of Game, added: “Game meat is more popular than it has been for years. It is delicious. It is low in fat, high in nutrients, inexpensive and extremely versatile. It can be locally-sourced, meaning food miles are minimal.”

Game meat is increasingly featuring on restaurant menus, in recipe books and on television, and is far more readily available in mainstream retailers. We want to encourage people to give game meat a go.

If you haven’t yet tried game, why not cook one of our delicious recipes for your friends and family and show your support for Great British Game Week.

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