How To Avoid A Wet Bottom When Stalking

It is very unusual when stalking red deer in Scotland not to have to sit, kneel or crawl in a wet place sometime during the day, and the weather in autumn and winter can throw some hefty storms at you.

Many people still like to wear traditional tweed breaks or plus fours, which are comfortable, quiet and blend in with the colours of the hill. Unfortunately until quite recently this probably meant getting a wet bottom or knees or both.

Now you can get Laksen Breeks for ladies and men lined with a breathable membrane which is waterproof, windproof and noiseless. The tweed is coated with Teflon to help protect against dirt and stains.

There are several different tweeds to choose from and there is also a great range of Laksen clothing, such as coats, waistcoats and caps, made to match.

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