What to do during self-isolation

With the COVID-19 situation developing quickly, it is incredibly important for all of us to follow expert advice & do all we can to minimise travel & social contact.

However, for those accustomed to spending much of their time out & about, this can be a very sudden & challenging adjustment.

To help keep you inspired with things to do during self-isolation, we’ve prepared some tips, ideas & resources below…

Visit a museum from the comfort of home

Many museums & art galleries offer excellent online tours & experiences for free. The MCN project has collated a huge number of these from all around the world.

For those who have children to entertain, London’s Science Museum has some excellent free e-learning resources and genuinely fun educational games for kids.

Enjoy the garden

With Spring finally here, it’s a great time to get your wellies on and catch-up on any weeding, repotting or trimming that needs to be done in the garden.

For the less green-fingered, simply pottering about or putting out some seed down & watching the birds is always a great way to unwind and get some fresh air.

Work through your reading list

While it’s a shame to see so many matches & events having to be cancelled, it’s now a great time to pick up a good book.

If you have already thumbed your way through your whole bookshelf, most local libraries now offer a huge range of audiobooks via the OverDrive service.

This is free to use & you can usually join your local library online, so you can pick up some classics without having to leave the house.

Be sensible about going out for exercise

All non-essential travel has now been restricted, but you are able to leave the house once per day to get some exercise.

If you are not experiencing flu-like symptoms (or believe you have been exposed to someone who is) and are otherwise in good health, we would absolutely encourage you to get out for some fresh air each day.

When doing so, please only go out by yourself or with other people you live with. Ensure you stay close to home, maintain proper social distancing throughout and avoid busy destinations & times of day.

Shops, pubs & cafés will not be open (or should be avoided) so remember to bring your own refreshments too.

Remember to wash your hands well upon your return and use common sense to minimise your chances of exposure.

Stay in touch with friends, family & neighbours

Reaching out to others is more important than ever, so please remember to make time for others and reach out to acquaintances old & new.

This is especially true for those who may belong to more vulnerable groups or those particularly affected by ongoing events, whether personally or professionally.

It’s a great time to pick up the phone or send a message to let people know you’re thinking of them.

What did we miss?

If you would like to share any useful tips, tricks or advice for coping with self-isolation, please do let us know.

You can contact us via our website or find us on social media using the links at the bottom of the page.

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