ArdMoor's Tales of the Tweeds

Tweed is a naturally beautiful and intricate woollen fabric that is soft open and flexible in texture with its own unique appearance relating to the landscape in either herringbone, hounds tooth, twill or plain weave.

Tweed is iconic of British sporting clothing being used for all types of clothing, accessories and even shoes, for country past times. Tweed has always been very popular for shooting clothes due to its naturally warm and hardwearing ability to withstand harsh weather and the natural colour effect from the yarn allows you to effortlessly blend into your surroundings ensuring you are not to be seen by your prey. There are many types of tweed available and modern technology and techniques have allowed the tweed to be lighter weight, with stretch added for better freedom of movement and some can even be machine washable. Technology has also allowed lightweight wind and waterproof membranes to be added for maximum protection and high performance.

The Tweed garments are usually protected with Teflon or Scotchguard to help repel water and dirt preventing stains and keeping the fabric light and comfortable to wear when the weather is bad.

At ArdMoor we love connecting with our customers and offering them the best clothes we can to match their needs for the job at hand and that often means tweed is not far away…..

Why choose tweed . . .

  • Tweed is a natural hardwearing product, reliably sourced and warm.
  • Tweed allows you to blend into your surroundings allowing you to get closer to nature. Originally estate tweed had the colours of the surroundings weaved into the cloth for camouflage.
  • Tweed is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Tweed is easy to keep clean and is simply repaired.
  • Tweed has a timeless elegance that can last a lifetime if cared for.
  • Tweed is quite simply beautiful and reflects the unique natural colours from heathers, mountains, lochs and skies

We have selected a few of our favourite suppliers that make beautiful tweed shooting and county clothing.

This season we are delighted to welcome Seeland’s new tweed range for men, women and children including jackets, waistcoat, breeks and accessories for functional practical and stylish outdoor clothing inspired by the British landscape for game shooting so it acts as a camouflage. Tweeds can be mixed and matched with your other shooting clothes and always give you your own individual style. Harkila have also brought out their new pure wool Tweed shooting suit which is traditional looking with modern technologies for a functional shooting suit and will keep you looking and feeling your best.

Laksen is renowned for its unique and glorious tweed collections which have the largest selection of articles made from the highest quality 100% pure new wool produced in Scotland, home of tweed. This season there are tweed jackets, smocks, breeks, quilted vests and also a distinctive men’s overcoat for the city man who spends his life between the city and the country. Laksen only use sporting weight tweed which weighs approx. 330gr/sqm and were the first company to combine a lightweight tweed with 100% CTX waterproof & breathable membrane which is extremely lightweight, comfortable and noiseless.

Alan Paine have added new colourways to their existing Compton and Rutland range for men, women and kids offering a choice of breeks with or without waterproof membranes to suit the day.

Hoggs of Fife have also introduced an exciting collection of bespoke women & men’s waterproof tweeds and accessories for the new season. There are two new men’s tweeds which are made from Italian Lambswool in Britain. For the women there is an ever growing collection of tweed and accessories which is in a stunning new soft Lambswool in Green Herringbone with lilac/sky and a luxurious satin pale blue lining and there is also a new Lifestyle tweed coat which is a luxury women’s Lambswool field coat

Musto are well regarded for their high quality shooting clothing and in particular their Stretch technical Tweed range and their lightweight, machine washable collection. Musto’s clothing is known for their signature, iconic, stand-up high collars for greater protection around your face.

If you prefer wearing a more modern green lightweight shooting suit you can always add a splash of tweed in the form of gloves caps hats and wraps….

Caring for your tweed:

Always treat your tweed with respect and don’t let the dog sleep on it in the back of the pick up on the way home. Hang it up straightway and it will look as good as new for many years.
It’s important to make sure any new stains are dealt with straight away with a damp sponge and mild soap by dabbing rather than rubbing the tweed then absorb as much of the water as possible and leave the tweed to dry naturally. If the Tweed has got wet when out shooting is important to always hang it up straight away and let gravity work its magic and then dry it naturally away from a heat source. Once dry always store in a clothes bag to keep safe from moths. Finally, vacuum your garment regularly to get rid of dirt & dust.
As a last resource if your jacket is looking tired and not looking its best, you could take it to the Dry Cleaners, however they can use chemical that weaken and age the cloth.

If you are new to wearing tweed or would like to replace your old favourite tweed jacket or breeks and want to talk to one of our staff about the options and sizing then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01620 671480 or email

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